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(Warning: These short videos contain graphic images which some people may find disturbing)

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Philip Wollen’s impassioned speech to take animals off the menu.

Philip Wollen, the Australian Philanthropist, makes a passionate speech that animals should be off the menu.

Philip’s 10-minute rousing speech was at the St James Ethics Centre and the Wheeler Centre debate in Australia on May 16, 2012 to look at the ethics of eating meat. Six speakers were divided into two teams for lively and insightful arguments for and against the proposition, ‘Animals Should Be Off the Menu’.

Speaking for the proposition are Peter Singer, Philip Wollen and Veronica Ridge; against it, Adrian Richardson, Fiona Chambers and Bruce McGregor. Their cases are followed by questions from the floor and finally, the audience vote.

So, what were the results of the audience vote?

Audience vote before the debate:

For (Animals should be OFF the menu) = 65%
Against (Animals should STAY on the menu) = 22.5%
Undecided = 12.5%

Audience vote after the debate:

For (Animals should be OFF the menu) = 73.6%
Against (Animals should STAY on the menu) = 19.3%
Undecided = 6.9%

A great victory for Philip Wollen, Peter Singer, and Veronica Ridge!

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